Victor H. Schlosser
Lifestyle, Beauty, and Glamour Photographer
Creative, intimate, personal, and fun portraits for individuals and couples.
Pieces of Art designed around you and your personal interests.

My Approach

I am a Freelance Photographer with over 35 years experience who enjoys working with individuals and couples to create images the resonate for them. I am open to all ideas, suggestions and requests. I am also willing to work with unique or touchy concepts (as long as they are legal).

For my personal work I enjoy working with models and creating artsy & conceptual photos.

My Story

I have almost 40 years experience and I love working with people to create images that we can both be proud of. Images that can (and should) be displayed and shared. Pieces of Art designed around you. Although photography is now more of an avocation rather than my full-time income producing job I still shoot on a regular basis. I pull from my background experience in Advertising, Annual Reports, Architecture, Home Inventories, Model Portfolios, Product, Sill Life, Weddings & Party/Event photography to create images unique to you.

I received my first camera for my 12th birthday.  It was a Kodak Instamatic 104. It used drop in film cartridges and flashcubes (I burned my fingers quit a few times on those). I very quickly became the family photographer. As I realized how much I enjoyed photography I ended saving my money and buying quite a few different cameras throughout the years. The most fun I had with any camera was the Polaroid Swinger. It took B&W images that you had to treat with chemicals (that came on an applicator) to preserve the images.

I have always enjoyed shooting people.