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Best (my favorites) Snack Cakes (Retail)

#1. Vanilla Gobs | Sheetz
These are the Sheetz version of Whoopie Pies. They are 2 round pieces of chocolate cake with vanilla icing in between. The icing is extremely sweet and I prefer to remove half of the icing before enjoying these cakes. This cake is a bit oily to the touch but I absolutely love the taste.

#2. Swiss Rolls | Little Debbies
Dark chocolate cake with light icing, rolled, and covered with a chocolate coating. These are packed 2 to a package and come with 6 packages per box. These are great by themselves or with coffee in the morning.

#3. Cupcakes | Mrs. Freshleys
These are much better than the Hostess cupcakes. The cake has a much softer texture and better taste along with decent fudge topping.

#4. Chocolate Donuts | Bon Appetit
Cake is moister and tastier than Hostess and no where near as dry as the Tasty Cakes donuts. And, the Bon Appetit donuts come 8 to a pack instead of 6 each from the other companies.

#5. Fruit Pies | JJs Pies
My favorites are the Apple ones. The blueberry ones aren't bad either. Hostess fruit pies are too doughy. The proportions on the JJs pies are much better.

#6. Danish | Bon Appetit
My favorites are the Blueberry and the Apple ones. However there are time when the Cheese n Berries Danish hit the spot. Tender and moist cake. Enough filling for flavor consistancy throughout, but not enough that you have to worry about eating one of these while you are on the road.

#7. White Cake | Little Debbies
If you are looking for something with a white/vanilla cake I would recommend the Little Debbie Zebra Cakes. (They also come as Cake Rolls.)