Victor H. Schlosser   

Foreigner w/ Cheap Trick and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience
@ Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek (Raleigh)
August 6, 2017

Let me start off by saying that I liked this show. All three bands performed and sounded great.

I'm not a fan of $12 and $16 beers and way over-priced food but I guess there isn't really much I can do about that.

This was my first time seeing Jason Bonham and I was impressed. The music was performed well and the songs were all ones that I remember. Their sound was dead on and they nailed the LZ experience.

Cheap Trick just released a new album so they played many of their old hits along with songs from the new ablum. Their set felt longer than Foreigners and as the opening act, this wasn't what I expected. I loved hearing them, but I was really there to see and hear Foreigner.

For some reason, I have never seen Foreigner perform before this. I have owned their albums, cassettes and CDs but hadn't seen them live. I was really looking forward to seeing Mick Jones perform in person. To me, he IS Foreigner. However, he didn't attend or perform. And the band said nothing about this during the performance. The bands performance was excellent. Kelly nailed the vocals. But I spent the entire performance wondering where Mick Jones was and why he wasn't performing.

If I had the chance to see this show again I would, IF I knew for sure that Mick Jones would actually be there and performing.

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience @ Walnut Creek: * * * * * * * * (Eight Stars (out of 10 possible))
The music and sound were great.

Cheap Trick @ Walnut Creek: * * * * * * * * (Six Stars (out of 10 possible))
Decent performance. Too much of the new album.

Foreigner @ The UMB Pavilion: * * * * * * * (Seven Stars (out of 10 possible))
The set was great, I wanted to see (and hear) Mick.


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