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Victor H. Schlosser
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I enjoy live music. Concerts, local bands at bars, street-corner musicians, it doesn't matter. Actually being present when someone creates music is both a pleasure and a honor. I have attended many concerts over the years, and each was special in its own way.

St. Louis was a great town for concerts and there were a lot of them that I attended. There is nowhere near the selection of concerts here in Raleigh that there were in St. Louis. And usually, I don't feel like going to Durham or Charlotte to see a concert. Plus, I am not one that enjoys going to events like this by myself. If I had someone that could attend these concerts with me I am sure that I would attend a lot more concerts than I currently do.

Here are my current top 10 favorite bands:

Foreigner, Duran Duran, Uriah Heap, Three Dog Night, Def Leppard,
Jefferson Starship, Heart, INXS, Styx, Garth Brooks.

Concert Reviews

Concerts that I have attended: This is a list of all the concerts that I have attended over the years.

Cheap Trick & Foreigner 08/06/2017: Review of the show at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC.

Dennis DeYoung 04/17/2015: Review of the show at the The Carolina Theater, Durham, NC.

Poison & Kiss 06/28/2004: Review of the show at the UMB Pavilion in St. Louis, MO.

Jesus Christ Superstar 05/30/04: Review of the show at the Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO.