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Victor H. Schlosser
| Videographer & Photographer |
I feel that for a photographer to be a success they have to know themselves well. There has to be a yearning to create a particular look or feel in their images. The things that the individual photographer feels passionate about will always bring about the best images. I am a fan of the human form, both female & male and try to show this in my work.


Semi-retired Freelance Photographer with over 35 years experience in areas ranging from commercial, product, real estate and architecture, to portraits, beauty and glamour photography. Currently working on one last major project before retiring; producing three separate Fine-Art Portfolios and a short series of Posters.

The two portfolios are;
  • White Space
  • B&W Figure Study

  • The posters are;
  • Steampunk
  • Boots
  • B&W Poster