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Every Business In The World Offers 1 Product

Written by: Victor H. Schlosser

What does every business have in common? What one thing ties them all together? What one product does every business offer?


In todays busy marketplace with businesses changing, growing, merging, or even closing it seems like there are a lot of different types and styles in the market. Every business is trying to be unique. They want to stand out from the crowd and be the business that you choose to deal with. Each business has its own unique benefit to the consumer but they all have Service in common. It is the one thing that determines whether your business will be successful or if it will fail. Businesses that provide the service that their customers are looking for will be successful. No way around it. And the businesses that don't provide the wanted or needed service stand no chance of ever making it.

Every business has a service that they offer. Your key to making money with your business is to find out what your particular service is and provide it to your customers in the best way you possibly can. Market your service, not your product.

As photographers we do sell prints. Whether we call them prints, posters, portraits, whatever, they are photographic prints. This is our end product, but it is not what we sell. It should not be what we are offering. We need to focus on the service that we are offering to our customers. Commercial photographers offer solutions to their clients advertising or marketing needs, portrait photographers help families to create heirlooms and cherished memories, and wedding photographers offer to document and capture the special moments of beauty and Love that the bride and groom will be sharing with their family and friends.

Do insurance companies sell health insurance? No. They sell a solution to getting health care when necessary and having the bills taken care of. Do hardware stores sell shovels and plumbing supplies? No. They provide the customers with the products and the knowledge to improve their homes and their yards so that they can have a more enjoyable and more comfortable lifestyle.

Look at your business. What do you offer to your customers? What service do you provide? After you have the answers to these questions you will know how to grow your business. Focus your advertising and all of your promotions on this service and you will see an increase in your sales. Find the need that your clients have and fill it. Provide that service to them and they will appreciate you for it. And you will see that gratitude when your customers come back and do business with you over and over again.

is a photographer, videographer, and speaker. He writes about Photography, Marketing, and Networking, with articles being published both online and in print.

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