Victor H. Schlosser
Photographer & Videographer

Steampunk Shoot
(outdoor - evening - prop shoot)
Model: Female, 5'6" or taller

Age range: 21 - 45

Weight: Proportionate

Cup size: at least a C

Hair: Prefer shoulder length or longer

Makeup: Basic Glamour
               (can be provided if necessary)

I will be providing a dress, gloves, stockings, hat, and walking stick. You will need to provide boots/shoes (black).

Shoot will be outdoors in a location we choose together. I have a few suggestions.

We will aiming for a glamour image, a touch dark and 'older' looking.

* I am willing to shoot additional images for you with this outfit, or variations (dressed, implied, nudes, whatever) and props, at this time for your personal portfolio too (if you would like me to).

Approx. 1 hour shoot time.

Model Release: Required

Model fee: $50 ($20 additional per hour or portion thereof)

Shoot date/time: TBD - start time 6pm ish

Location: We will decide this together.

I am always open to additional ideas or suggestions regarding a shoot. Feel free to ask any questions or give me any suggestions that you might have.