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Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at this information.

I am always interesting in and willing to shoot any artsy/creative/conceptual photos that I can and I am open to all ideas and requests. I'm not afraid to work with unique or touchy concepts or subjects (as long as they are legal). If you have an idea for a shoot that you would like to try just let me know what you are thinking and hopefully it can be something that we can create together.

Cooking | Hobby | Food - Photo & Video - Paid Shoot          ~| This is a new project.
  • Female | Caucasian
  • Long hair (below shoulders)
  • Height: 5'6" or taller
  • Age: 18-29
  • Acting or Performance Art background
This casting is for a video series about Food and Drink - recipes, cooking, preparing, serving. Videos will appear initially on my Food Blog, but after that they will become a series on Netflix. This will be an ongoing series with work on a regular basis. Some occasional travel may be required, and if so all expenses will be covered (travel, transportation, hotel, etc.)

Pay, Fees, Rates and Royalties, are all open for discussion.

I would like for this to be a joint-venture for the two of us. We would work together to create something that is both practical and useful to each of us. If this works out, you and I would both share the rights to the videos and would both share in the profits from this venture. This series would be a colaboration between the two of us and we would work on this entire project together.
We could form a partnership (and possibly incorporate) to protect ourselves and to amicably share in the benefits and profits.

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Whitespace - Lingerie/Implied/Nude - Paid Shoot
This is an ongoing project.

I am looking for multiple experienced models for this project. (dance background helpful)
I will need a minimum of 14 models to complete the Portfolio.

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B&W Figure Study - Implied/Nude - Paid Shoot
This is an ongoing project.

I am looking for multiple (9) models for this project.
Female models, all ages, shapes, and sizes acceptable for this.

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