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Types of Portrait Parties

Families / Couples

This is the most common Portrait Party. Your friends and family members have group and individual images done in a nice home setting.


If you know a lot of other families from day-care or school this type of party can work well. We will set up a basic white backdrop to shoot the children against and work with the children and their parents to capture each childs uniqueness.

Senior Photos

Many Seniors today don't want the standard images. They want something unique to themselves. This type of party also allows for groups of friends to shoot together and individually.

Bachelorette / Bachelor / Wedding Party

This is an opportunity for the members of the bridal party to get portraits of themselves while allowing the Host (bride/groom) to earn some free portraits for themselves. This can also save you time on your wedding day as the bridal party will already have images and the photographer wont need to shoot these.

Office Party

You, your staff, your friends at work, can all get professional portraits done without having to take a day off. We can set up in an office or conference room and people can shoot throughout the day just by taking a brief 15-20 break.


You can schedule a party through your club. Get the portraits you need of the members while also allowing them to get professional portraits at a reasonable price.

Club Parties can also be used as Fund-Raisers where instead of the Host earning portraits we give a percentage of the income to the organization or to a charity of their choice.

*** I have been asked about my limits on shooting. I am open to pretty much anything.
*** (I have done a party using someones personal Dungeon as the backdrop.)

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