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Host/Hostess Responsibilities

You need to put together a list of friends and family that you would like to invite. Don't worry if the list is too big at this point, we can narrow it down later.

E-Mail us to find available dates and we can schedule your party. We recommend scheduling these parties at least 6 weeks in advance so that you can be sure to get a date you like. During the busier holiday shooting season (Oct. - Nov.) dates will book up fast so it will be best to get your reservations in as early as possible.

After scheduling the available date you can work on narrowing down your list a bit but you do want to invite as many people as possible so that you can be sure to get the 8 - 12 people that you would like to attend. You should have everyone RSVP with you and give them their arrival time. Once the allotted times are full you will either need to let them know the schedule is full, or if you have enough people you can schedule a second party.

The day of the party don't go to a lot of trouble or expense. Maybe have some soft drinks or punch to drink and some type of snacks available. It is best to set one of these up in two rooms, one for the actual portrait sessions and one room for you to talk and socialize with your guests.

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