Creating Your Lifecasting!

I am currently looking for several models in the Raleigh / Garner / Cary areas (or willing to travel here) to work with on an art project. Now that I have started doing Lifecastings I am looking for models to help me create some samples that I can display and that I can take photos of to both build a portfolio and to put on my website.

Lifecast modeling is very different from the modeling you are used to doing. Your ability to hold still, ignore itching, suppress yawning and to avoid swallowing is more important than standard modeling poses.

This modeling will be done on a barter basis. In return for you modeling for me to make the casting of, I will make an additional casting that I will finish in the manner of your choosing that I will give you as payment for you time and services. This has up to a $600 retail value. In addition I am also willing to for gas and mileage.

I would also like to photograph some of the models with their finished Castings. If I choose you as one of the models that I photograph you will receive a payment for this along with copies of the images that you can use on your website.

Should you accept this offer, here are some of the details of what will be involved in creating the castings...

Preparing yourself:

The day before your casting you will want to make sure that you remove all hair that you don't want to show from the area to be cast. The molding materials used will cast any hairs that you miss. This includes the very fine hairs on your belly, etc. Nare is an excellent product for removal of small , fine hair. Since your pubic area is to be cast you may want to shave or trim your pubic hair (your choice). If you wish to use Nare in this area, test first to make sure there is no skin sensitivity to this product.

You should not apply any skin lotion or oil to your body the day you are to be molded. Some lotions, especially Vitamin E, do not interact well with some of the molding materials.

You will need to wear loose fitting clothing for at least two hours before your session so there won't be any lines in your skin from bras or waistbands. These will be very noticeable in the final casting and almost impossible to patch and repair.


Areas to be cast will need to be covered with two layers of molding gel. This molding gel is applied by hand and the initial layer needs to be rubbed on in small circular strokes to avoid bubbles which can affect the final casting.

You are welcome to bring someone along with you if it makes you more comfortable. Mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, and friends are all welcome to come along. Just make sure that the person coming with you is aware of this process and approves of what you are doing. We do suggest that you don't bring a boyfriend along as they do seem to get jealous very easily and then either interfere with the casting session or take it out later on the model.

The molding gel is thick and gooey, similar in feeling and consistency to yogurt. It is applied to a thickness of about .25 inch. Then some cotton is applied to the gel so that the plaster bandages have something to adhere to.

If we are doing a large casting (like a torso) I will have an assistant on-hand to assist with the mixing of materials, etc. The assistant will have no direct physical contact with the model.

Strips of plaster bandages like those used by hospitals in the making of casts are then applied to the entire casting area. There will be two or three layers of plaster bandages used to give strength and support to the mold gel. Once these plaster strips have hardened (about 5-10 minutes) the mold can be removed from your body.

To remove the mold the edges will need to be gently loosened from your skin and slowly moved to allow air to enter between your skin and the mold.

You will be asked during this removal procedure to suck in your stomach, change your breathing pattern, or to take larger (or smaller) breaths to assist in the removal of the mold.

Once the mold has been removed from your body you can clean up. Knock off any molding material or plaster that may be stuck to you. You will notice that the area that was cast will be the cleanest part of your body. Your skin will be red at this point but do not worry about that, the redness will go away after an hour or so. You are free to shower or clean up in any manner you feel necessary.

If we are going to be doing two casts of you on the same day it will be best to wait at least an hour between castings. This will allow you a chance to relax a bit and will also give your skin a chance to breath before we start on the second casting. We can start sooner if you are having a different part of your body cast for the second casting than was cast for the first. To do this you just need to be sure that you are rested and ready to hold the position necessary for the second mold.

The Final Casting(s):

Immediately after removing the mold from your body we will start making the final casting. The mold gel that we use dries out (evaporation) and in doing so loses form and texture. To keep as much detail as possible we poor the casting as soon as we possibly can.

This final casting will need to sit for about 20 minutes, then we can start removing the mold. The mold is actually torn apart (broken up) and peeled off of the casting. The mold is destroyed in this process.

After removal of the mold the final casting needs to sit and cure for about 48 hours. Then we can start to work on the final finish of the casting.

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