Steampunk Shoot

Models / Steampunk      
dress I am looking for one particular model for this project.
  • Female | Caucasian
  • Long hair (below shoulders) (prefer: Redhead or Brunette)
  • Height: 5'8" or taller (with weight proportionate)
  • Age: 25+

Photo to the right is similar to the dress that I have purchased for this shoot. I have also purchased a walking stick / cane to go along with it. You would need to provide your own boots. I've also been thinking about adding fishnet stockings (torn?) and would like the models input on this. You will get to keep the outfit after the shoot is completed as I do not re-use costumes/outfits. I have been considering some form of face-painting to go along with this shoot. (black and gold)

I am currently looking at a couple of locations for this shoot and hope to have everything locked down soon.


I do not currently have a huge budget for this. I am sure that this will easily take less than 2 hours total for the shoot. And, once I have the image that I am looking for you will be done and can leave.

I would like to know your rates for this and discuss any of your requirements for this shoot with you.

I will need a signed Model Release.

Start date: I would like to get this shot before the end of April, on a date that we mutually agree upon.