Marys Home - 03/08/2010

I woke up this morning about 8:15am. I got up and took a look outside and couldn't even see the garage because the fog was so thick. I went in and got ready to go and headed out the door by 9am. The fog was starting to clear a bit.

Fog over my driveway - 9am

I headed down through Mt. Sterling and turned left on Hwy 50 heading towards Jefferson City. By the time I got to Jeff. City the fog had all cleared.

Fog cleared by the time I got to Jefferson City.

I took Hwy 50 to Hwy 54 and headed South. Upon arriving at Osage Beach I stopped in at Starbucks for some coffee and to meet a friend. I got to Starbucks about 10:50am.

Got some coffee and waited for my friend.

However, my friend was unable to make it so I sat there and drank my coffee until about 11:45 when I headed over to HyVee to meet up with the group that I was going to be riding with.

Met the group at HyVee

We left HyVee and back up Hwy 54 towards Eldon. We followed Hwy 54 up to Hwy 17 and exited the highway (stopping so our leader could get more gloves).

Need more gloves - hands were cold.

We then followed 17 to Marys Home, MO where we stopped for lunch at Parr's Corner Market.
I had a BLT, tater tots and ice tea.

We stopped here for lunch.

After lunch it was back on the road again.


We then followed 17 to 42. We turned on 42 and headed back towards Osage Beach. After a brief stop at one of the riders homes it was time to start thinking about heading back home so I wouldn't be out after dark (it still gets cold in the evenings).

Sometimes it is nice to just sit outside and enjoy the sun...

Sittin out front, enjoying the sunshine after lunch.

Or stop somewhere for refreshing adult beverage...

Bootleggers Saloon - Lake of the Ozarks

But either way. A day of nice weather, a relaxing lunch with friends, and getting out and riding with some old (and new) friends just can't be beat.

Copyright 2010, Victor H. Schlosser
All Rights Reserved