Lifestyle, Beauty, and Glamour Photography
Creative, intimate, personal, and fun portraits for individuals and couples.
Pieces of Art designed around you and your personal interests.


Victor H. Schlosser
Photographer & Cinematographer

I am a Freelance Photographer with over 35 years experience. I am no longer a commercial photographer although I do still charge for my time and photographic services, these fees are only to cover my expenses and wear and tear on my equipment.

I am currently working on producing a couple of Fine-Art Portfolios as personal projects. I enjoy working with new & experienced individuals and models to create images that resonate for them. Unique or touchy concepts are encouraged (as long as they are legal).

I enjoy creating artsy & conceptual photos and I am open to any and all ideas, suggestions and requests. It's all about being creative! If you have an idea for a shoot that you would like to try just let me know what you are thinking and maybe it can be something that we can create together.





Light Painting




Beauty & Glamour

Figure Studies

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