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Victor H. Schlosser
Videographer & Photographer

For 2019 I have retired from Freelance Photographer with over 37 years experience in areas ranging from commercial, product, real estate and architecture, to portraits, beauty and glamour photography. I am currently working on producing a couple of Fine-Art Portfolios as personal projects. I enjoy working with new & experienced individuals and models to create images that resonate for them. Unique or touchy concepts are encouraged (as long as they are legal).

From here on out my personal work is going to focus on fine-art nudes - mainly erotic and fetish figure photography. (I will adjust my portfolio images as I go.) I have started creating my own 'zines' and 'look-books' and will use these new images for each quarterly issue.

  • I am also interested in creating some artsy & conceptual videos and photos and am open to all ideas, suggestions and requests, and I don't mind working with unique or touchy subjects or concepts.

    I enjoy creating artsy & conceptual photos and I am open to any and all ideas, suggestions and requests. It's all about being creative! If you have an idea for a shoot that you would like to try just let me know what you are thinking and maybe it can be something that we can create together.

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