I am a Freelance Photographer with over 35 years experience. I enjoy working with individuals and couples to create images the resonate for them. For my personal work I enjoy working with models and creating artsy & conceptual photos. I am open to all ideas, suggestions and requests. I am also willing to work with unique or touchy concepts (as long as they are legal).


(Personal Project)
I am currently building two different Portfolios. These are groups of 10-12 images that are all of one model, or are all covering a particular theme.
These Portfolios are all limited-edition sets and are signed and numbered.
If you are a model and you would like information on being part of these portfolios just let me know.


Video is a large and growing part of websites, blogs and portfolios. It is projected that by the end of 2017 video will become more than 50% of all online consumer content. This includes models, MUAs and photographers websites and portfolios. As a marketing tool portfolio videos are more likely to be viewed online than still image portfolios. This is a growth area and one that I would like to be part of.