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Throughout the years I've been asked what cameras or lenses I have used as many people assume that the more expensive the camera, the better photos it will take. They also assume that different brands shoot different images. I don't really believe that one brand is better than any other. Like cars, they look different, feel different and have different options, but they all do the same thing...

Capture Images!

So... I am going to be comparing different cameras here. All of which I have purchased online for less than Fifty dollars ($50 US). Any accessories acquired for these will be purchased for less than Twenty dollars ($20 US) each.

I will be adding to and changing the cameras used here periodically. If you have any suggestions for cameras that I could use please let me know.

I will be using a ThinkPad X1 as my main computer for transferring, editing and saving all of the images and videos created with these cameras. For details on the computer and software that I will be using just Click Here.

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