Video Project Castings

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I am looking for 2 female models for this project.

This is a new type of project for me. I would like to create a short (2-3 minute) video that can be looped to run over and over. I would like for this to be a display piece for myself and for the models involved. My intent is to create something that can be shown at galleries and events as a kind of moving wall art.

I would also like to use this as an opportunity for me to try out several different cameras and shooting styles to see what we can come up.

I would like for the Model(s) involved in this project to help with the overall look and concept of the video. The 'feel' and the storyline of the video should be something that we create together so that we each have something that we would like to share as part of our portfolios.

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I am looking for several new faces to work with. I want to collaborate with new models that I haven't worked with before to produce some original and creative video portraits for our mutual portfolios, and on a TF basis if possible. I would like these to be mostly natural light / environmental shoots at locations around Raleigh, but with a small studio/living room interview section too. I am open to any and all models, both female & male and all sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnicities. I have a few basic ideas for these videos but I am willing to work with any ideas that participating models may have too.

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I am looking to build a small video production team. I have recently retired and I am interested in getting back into video production. I had a video production company back in the 90s and have missed it. This will be personal work for me. I would like to artistic, unique and freeform videos in the 1-5 minute range.

Once we have a team together I want everyones input with their own ideas and visions for future videos. This will be a collaborative effort.