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Terms / Descriptions

Workshop:Hands on instruction. These are good for people that want to learn something new and get to practice it while there.
Seminar:Pure instruction. A lecture. You sit in a classroom type environment while someone instructs you on the topic of choice. You don't get to practice or participate, you just get information to take with you.
Group Shoots:These are great for people that are learning or that are shy. It gives them an opportunity to shoot while also watching others and learning from them. Quite often they can be busy and everyone comes away with similiar images, but on the other hand they come away with images that they never would have gotten otherwise.
Networking Event:An opportunity to meet other photographers, models and makeup artists. You can share your books, introduce yourselves, and you have the opportunity to talk, to get to know each other. These events tend to be more like the groups that form after a regular meeting. You discuss the things that are important to you and share ideas.