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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot 100% digital?
I shoot both film and digital. I shot only film until about 2006 when I finally broke down and bought a digital SLR just because of client requests for digital files. I personally prefer the look and feel of film but realize that there is a trade off in costs by shooting that way. I now shoot in the format (or formats) that work best to fulfill your personal needs for you images.

Do you only do color or can you do black and white too?
I shoot both. It depends on the use intended for the image and the needs of the client. If shooting digital I will shoot in color then edit the RAW files to create the monochrome image. If I am shooting film I will actually use B&W film.

Do you have a studio?
No, I don't currently own a studio but I do have access to one. I am in a photographers co-op and have access to a full studio with backdrops, lights and more. I frequently use a studio located in Angier but have access to studios in Fuquay and in Raleigh.

Where did you go to school for photography?
I did not. This is a hobby that turned into a profession. I received my first camera when I was 12 years old (late 1960s) and we realized within just a few short months that I was a better photographer than my father. I went through a lot of film and flashcubes with that camera. I also started buying books and magazines on photography and went through quite a bit of experimentation over the next decade or so and got good enough that people started asking me to do portraits for them.

Do you do Workshops/Seminars/Classes?
Yes I do. Back in 2001 I Founded the Arizona Shootout, an event that brings photographers and models from all over the country to Phoenix, AZ for a weekend of shooting, networking and training. I have also given classes both in the field and in studios. I have also lectured, talked, and instructed at conventions and other workshops throughout the midwest.

Who designed your website?
I did. I have been online since the early 1990s and have had quite a few websites and gone through plenty of designs and re-designs throughout the years. I prefer having the control and understanding what is happening with my site and want to make sure that it is unique and NOT just a template that is offered by some web hosting service. I want my site to reflect me, not the service hosting it. If there is something you like, or don't like about my website I would love to hear about it. Click Here.